Model TC1901

"Quick-Talk" Fiber Optic Phone Extender



  • Extend Telephone or 2/4-Wire Analog 600Ω Link with Fiber
  • PBX and Key System Compatible
  • Voice Bandwidth from 300Hz to 3.4Khz for Toll Quality Sound
  • Built-In Dry Contact Relay for External Alarm and Ringer Connection
  • 12VDC Power Supply, Optional 24VDC or 115/230VAC with Power Adapter
  • Built-In Power Redundancy
  • Hi Temp or Extreme Temp Options
  • Rackmount or Standalone
  • Tested and Compatible with:
  •             code blue       ramtel   talk a phone


    The TC1901 "Quick-Talk" Fiber Optic Phone Extender can turn a fiber optic network into a voice network simply by plugging in a telephone set.
    The TC1901 "Quick-Talk" Fiber Telephone Extender extends dial-up phone service to remote network sites. It is compatible with most PBXs or Key Systems and provides 2-wire FXS on the telephone side with ring down capability and FXO on the PBX side.

    The TC1901 is typically used to extend analog telephone service in campus networks, power plants, substations where ground loops, noise, EMI or security issues may exist. Other examples include extending secured telephone links or setting up "hot links."

    The TC1901 provides Toll Quality voice and often improves voice quality when compared to twisted pair circuits. It supports asynchronous baud rates from 19.2K and bandwidths from 300Hz to 3.4Khz.

    TC1901 Specifications
    Audio Bandwidth
    Audio Bandwidth 300Hz to 3.4KHz
    Signal Level (2/4-Wire 600Ω)
    Input Range 1.5 to -40dBm
    SNR 32 to 36dB
    Transmitter LED/ELED
    Receiver PIN Diode
    Wavelength 850nm/1300nm Multimode
      1310/1550nm Single Mode
    Fiber Optic connectors ST (FC optional)
    Loss Budget 15dB multimode 850nm/1310nm @62.5um
      20dB single mode 1310nm @9um
    Phone Connector RJ11 Female
    Ring Voltage 70Vrms at 20Hz (Depending on the ringing load)
    FXO Input Impedance 600 Ω
    FXS Output Impedance 600 Ω
    Visual Indicators
    Tx and Rx volume, Local off-hook, Remote off-hook Yes
    FXO, FXS, Ring, Optic Rx, Electric Rx, VccA, VccB, PWR A, PWR B Yes
    Dry Contact Normal OPEN
    Standard I2VDC @400mA
    optional 115 or 230VAC
    with external power cube
    optional  24VDC or -48VDC, or 125VDC
    Operating -100C to 500C
    Hi-Temp (Optional) -200C to 700C
    Extreme Temp (Optional) -400C to 800C
    Storage -400C to 900C
    Humidity 95% non-condensing
    Height   (3.53cm) 1.40"
     Width  (18.14cm) 7.25"
     Depth  (24.89cm) 9.85"
     Weight  (907gm) 2.0 lbs

    Typical Application  (Application Questions)

    The TC1901 is often used to extend telephone service in campus networks, power plants, substations, etc or use an existing service data channel to set up a telephone link. It is also used to set up “hot” telephone service via fiber optic networks. Other applications include taking advantage of the inherent benefits of fiber optics to reduce noise/EMI or maximize security/isolation.


    TC1901 - Fiber Telephone Extender